22 weeks, new midwives


Originally posted March 16, 2008

I don’t know if I’ve ever shared a belly picture on my blog before, but here are a few 14, 16, and 22 weeks. I lost my battery charger, so I haven’t taken a picture since I was about 16 weeks. There is definitely a huge difference!

14 weeks

16 weeks

22 weeks

So far this pregnancy has gone pretty fast! Aside from my pubic symphysis/SI joint issues I’ve been feeling pretty good for a few weeks. I still feel gross every morning when I brush my teeth, but thank God the rest of my sickness seems to be gone for now. Man, I have never had “morning” sickness that far into a pregnancy before. It sucks.
Something else I’ve never done before is switch practices mid pregnancy. I’ve always felt before I should just stick with who I started seeing, but I just couldn’t take seeing Mary anymore. I think if I would have had to deal with that inconsiderate ass for another appointment I would have lost it. So, a couple weeks ago I discovered there is another practice of midwives that are covered under my insurance! Talk about an answer to my prayers! I’ve been searching since I found out I was pregnant, and had basically just given up on finding someone else to go to.
A friend of mine was telling me about a new free standing birth center they just built about 45 minutes from my house. Of course my curiosity was peaked b/c obviously it would have to be midwives who delivered there. I did a little searching on my insurance company’s website and discovered they were covered by my insurance! It’s so aggravating though b/c I did the same search 5 months ago and came up empty handed. Turns out I was only searching a 30 mile radius from my house, and these midwives are 31 miles from me! UGH! Are you kidding me??
I had my first appointment there and I love everything about it. They are what midwifery is all about. I just sort of put up with the practice I was going to before b/c I did not want a doctor delivering another one of my kids. While some people may be ok with them, I am not. After seeing just one of the new midwives at Fairhaven I feel completely spoiled, and didn’t realize just how much my previous practice sucks.
The midwife I met with was named Rachel. She spent over an hour going over all the information from my previous births. We had a long talk about my gestational diabetes and she suggested that I start on the Brewer Diet to assure I didn’t have problems down the road in this pregnancy. She also gave me some supplements to take that would help keep my blood sugar regulated. I feel so much more in control of my care now. Instead of someone ordering me around I have someone to explain why things are needed and offer up alternate ideas to keep me healthy. She also said that they use a lot of homeopathic and herbal remedies there which I was very excited to hear.
We also talked a little about whether or not I wanted to deliver at the birthing center or the hospital. Ideally I would much prefer a birthing center, but I don’t like the idea of leaving 4-6 hours after giving birth when I live 45 minutes away. Both Rachel and I agreed that if, God forbid, something were to happen with the baby or I once we got home the 45 minute drive back over there wouldn’t be the best option. So, I will be delivering at the hospital. I am ok with that though b/c as a whole they have only a 25% epidural rate, and 85% of their moms go home breastfeeding. I really want to avoid an epidural this time and the overwhelming support of breastfeeding is just wonderful. They don’t even give out the free samples of formula in those crappy diaper bags like most hospitals do.
It’s going to be a little bit of a pain driving 45 minutes everytime I have an appointment, not to mention we are now 45 minutes away from the hospital we will be delivering at too whereas before we had a 10-15 minute drive. But, I would much rather have a bit of a drive to get to somewhere that I feel taken care of and respected than drive 10 minutes to stress out over being treated like an idiot who has no clue what’s going on with her body.
We listened to the baby’s heartbeat, and she explained to me the difference between hearing it in the placenta and actually hearing the baby. I never even knew there was a difference, but after having her point it out there is a very distinct difference in the sounds. Both are ways to hear the baby’s heartbeat, but after 20 weeks she said she really prefers to find the actual baby instead of listening to the placenta. He was moving all over and kept kicking the doppler when she was looking for him.
Speaking of the boy, we are having a hell of a time naming him!! Nothing feels right. With the girls their names just felt right before they were even here. We called them by their names and just knew we made the right choice. I am getting so tired of calling this child, “the boy” We have so many names picked out but I just feel like we haven’t found the right one yet. Only problem is we have studied two baby name books front to back and have scoured countless internet sites. The front runner seems to be Elijah (Eli) but I just don’t feel like the little guy is an Eli. His middle name has to be Ross, so if anyone has any suggestions for what sounds good throw them our way!! We don’t want something super common, but we also like names that aren’t too out there. So, _____ Ross Menis. Any ideas?


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