25 weeks and an appointment yesterday


Originally posted on April 4, 2008

Little Noah is a mover! He is not nearly as strong as the girls were yet, but he definitely makes his presence known! He’s in a constant state of flip flopping 😛 It cracks me up! He also has the hiccups non-stop! And, everytime I sit down at the computer he starts hiccuping.

I had an appointment yesterday. It went great. Noah’s heart rate is 152 and I’m measuring right on track. My pubis symphis pain has been getting increasingly worse, so I asked her about the referral to the orthopedic group they use. There was a phone in my exam room and she called and made my appointment with the osteopathic doctor while I sat there! It was awesome.

She went over the food log I had to keep and didn’t have any issues other than the fact that I pretty much don’t eat anything green on a regular basis LOL Until it’s warm and I can get the grill going I don’t eat many veggies.

I also realized that I hadn’t gotten any of the results of my ultrasound, so I asked if the other office had faxed that over yet. Based on what my midwife could tell, everything looked good. The ultrasound reports from my old hospital are much different than the reports at my new office, so she wasn’t completely sure what everything meant, but from what she could tell nothing was unusual. He weighed about 9 ounces at 18 weeks which was the 44th percentile. Maybe I’ll actually have a little baby this time 🙂 That would nice!

I go back in 4 weeks and have to do another 1 hour glucose test. Blah. After that I start ever 2 week appointments. It is crazy how fast this pregnancy is going compared to the others.

In other news, my Gram is home. Yeah! The girls are so excited that they get to see her again. There new favorite thing to do is have Great Grammy take them for rides on her scooter. I got the best picture of the three of them the other day riding on the scooter. You can just tell how much they love spending time together!


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