A new home


I’ve been blogging at Blogger and Myspace for years now and decided to try Worpress out to see how I like it. I tend to get bored easily and just stop writing in my blog so maybe switching over here will help with that. I’m in the process of transfering all my pregnancy update blogs from Myspace to WordPress so for any of you who don’t usually see my Myspace blog there will be lots of new stuff to read soon 🙂

As for the name of the new blog: Ever since I can remember I’ve always wanted 4 kids. Whenever I’ve thought about the future it has included 4 children. I’ve never been picky about the genders, but now that we have this little boy on the way I’m feeling a little complete. Like maybe I don’t want another. The girls keep me busy and Noah keeps me bored on my couch wishing I weren’t pregnant anymore. Only time will tell, but for now 3 is a good number. Well, that is until middle child syndrome takes over my darling little Addi. Then I may rethink that statement.

p.s. don’t tell Steve, I’ve gotta keep him thinking he hasn’t won this battle 🙂 Besides, I reserve the right to change my mind.


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