Easter Party


Originally posted March 21, 2008

Easter Party

The kids had an Easter Party with all their friends yesterday! Easter is my favorite holiday so we tend to start the celebration early and go a bit overboard I still haven’t done any basket shopping yet. When Steve gets home tonight I’ll head to Target and pick everything up. Here are a few pics from yesterday!

Alaina coloring eggs. Notice how they are all the exact same color? As are her hands. Once she got focused on coloring them she was down to business and didn’t want to wait for the other kids to finish with the other colors.

Addison coloring eggs. She waited until all the other kids were done and took much more time making them different colors.

Addi finding eggs on the slide. She was more excited about going down the slide so I had to actually point out the eggs to her. I don’t think she cared much about them until she discovered they had M&Ms inside them!

The girls together after the easter egg hunt. It’s so hard to get a good picture of them together! I had to bribe them with the candy from their eggs!


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