Overheard in the tub


Yesterday afternoon I was trying to get some painting done in Noah’s room and of course my little artists wanted to help. After watching them get paint all over the dresser, their jammies, and their hair I asked if they wanted to go “paint” in the bathtub with water and brushes. Both of them were very excited about this idea. I got them all settled in and walked back into Noah’s room across the hall to finish up the border on his walls. I love listening to them when they are in the tub b/c most of the time I think they think I can’t hear what they are saying. This was what I heard yesterday:

Addison: *ssluuuuuuuuurrrrrp* (taking a large drink of water)
Alaina: ADDI! Don’t drink the water! I peed!
Addi: Oh. Ok, Lain.

Niiiiiice. This is why I’ve stopped bathing with them.


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