Making his presence known


Every night I usually take some time to lay down and relax after the girls go to bed. Usually Steve and I veg on the couch and watch shows we’ve TiVoed. Because of the way our family room is arranged I have to lay on my left side on the couch to watch TV. Noah rarely leaves his safe little spot on the right side of my belly where he spends his time snuggled up to the placenta. Laying on my left side doesn’t leave him much room and so he usually gets pretty squished. He makes it very well known that he isn’t happy with the situation. He’s just so predictable that it cracks me up. Every single time I am laying on my left side he jabs me over and over in the exact same spot like he’s trying to get me to sit up, roll over, or do something to give him a little more room to move around in. The other night I was able to catch him on video b/c I just happened to have my camera sitting on the coffee table. It cracks me up just how persistent he is. He’ll stop for a couple seconds as if to give me time to respond and then if I ignore him he starts right back up. It’s become a fun little game for Steve and I to play with him because if we start poking back at him it just makes him even more active 😛 So, here’s a little 2 minute video showing off Noah’s kicking ability. I need to let him in on the secret that Daddy wants him to play Baseball, not Soccer.

Feel free to turn the sound down so you don’t hear the annoying Hell’s Kitchen episode in the background!


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  1. Whoa dude, look at him go! Isn’t that just the most amazing feeling? That almost makes me want another baby…almost!

  2. That is SO PRECIOUS! That is what pregnancy is all about, right there. Emma moved the exact same way, and reminds me so much of carrying her. Thanks for sharing and bringing back a sweet memory for me. 🙂

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