What Alaina Ate, pt 1.


For awhile now I’ve been joking around with some of my friends that I’m going to start a blog all about the things Alaina eats. From the time she was a baby she’s always had a very strong need to chew on things. It’s only gotten worse, and every year for the last 3 years I’ve mentioned it to her pediatrician. Every year she has blown it off and told me it’s “normal,” however I’ve never quiet felt like she understood the extent of what I was trying to say to her. Part of me wants to go into her office with a bag full of Alaina’s toys this year and dump them out on the exam table to show her exactly what I mean. Everyone used to think I was joking when I said Alaina would “eat” things. No, I use the word quiet literally. Things disappear. Chunks of toys, gone. It started with books when she was a baby and now nothing in our house is safe. I have a whole new knowledge about what sorts of materials the human body can digest and what it can’t because of Alaina’s bizarre obsession.

Now that I’ve started blogging more consistently again you all get treated to a daily segment of “What Alaina Ate” I’ll start out slow and gradually work my way up to the good stuff 🙂

We’ll start off with the obvious thing she might want to eat. Play food.


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  1. Totally bring the toys in to her doctor! Maybe then she will get a clue. I have to admit, it’s kind of funny, though …

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