33 weeks


Here’s the 33 week belly.

When I was pregnant with the girls around 33 weeks is when I was miserable and ready to be done. It’s no exception this time! I don’t know if it’s the fact that the weather is warming up or if it’s just that my pelvic pain is so much worse this time around, but man the next 7 weeks can’t go by fast enough.


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  1. Awww, you look awesome, Christina! I can’t believe you are already this far along. Stay in the a/c this week- phew, it is muggy out!

    PS- I love your new blog!!

  2. How beautiful you are! No cocoa butter for you….your skin looks amazing! I remember crying over my “road map” tummy when I was preggers.

  3. oooh.. if you are confused why “fayesen” is.. it’s.. jen(nefaerious)..lol fayesen is my wordpress blog act. name!

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