36 weeks


Today’s been a weird day. I had my 36 week appointment this morning and while I was in the bathtub I noticed my belly looked a lot smaller than just yesterday. I didn’t think anything of it, but then as I was getting ready I was able to wear a shirt that hasn’t fit over my belly for probably 2 months now. I was also noticing I hadn’t really felt him move at all for a good two hours, which is very usual. Of course I got a little worried and panicky and called Steve to see if he could maybe come with me to my appointment. Of course he couldn’t leave work so I finished getting the kids ready and made sure I got there a little early b/c usually if I get their early I get seen early too. After we talked about the girls sibling class for a little bit she measured me and I’m still measuring right on at 36 cm. I told her about how I had only felt him move about 3 times in the last 3 hours and so she listened to his heart rate for quite awhile and used her hands to move him around. She was looking for accelerations when she would move him and he did what he was supposed to 🙂 She then went on to tell me where everything was at in terms of his body parts. Well, since last week he has moved from laying face up completely on my right side to laying on his right side with his butt up by my left rib and his spine/back along the left side of my body. I’m thinking that at some point when I was sleeping he flipped over like this b/c I know just yesterday he was still mostly on my right side. His head was also lower than where it usually is so I’m thinking that these changes in position have just altered how much my belly sticks out and how much I’m feeling him move. I feel a lot better but still a little freaked out that there was such a drastic change just over night. I have to do a one hour kick count every day after a meal from now on. Here’s my 36 week pic, you can see a little bit of difference in this one compared to my 35 week pic.


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  1. You look stunning! You can sorta tell that he just changed positions. I can’t believe he’ll be here soon!

  2. WOW! You do look smaller! How weird. Isn’t amazing how their position can change so much, and can alter how you look?

    How are you? I can’t believe it’s almost time for him to be here!!


  3. I know you don’t think you are small, but you look small to me! I’d have killed to look as good as you do pregnant (or hell not pregnant!).

    You are in the home stretch sweetie, tell that little man to be more active! Z did that to me, didn’t move much and when I went in, they had a hard time finding the hb and I pretty much became hysterical and then they found it. These boys I tell you!

  4. I agree, you do look smaller!

    It sounds like you have great care where you are going. I can’t believe how close it is!

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