Maternity Pictures


I have a friend who owns her own photography business and as soon as I got pregnant this time around I knew that I wanted to get pictures done by her. She is amazing and I was so excited to see how they would turn out! You can check out all the pics here:

Traditions Photography
Some are already edited and some are not.

In the top right corner click on “online proofing”
Then click on my name, Christina Menis
Then click on “View Portraits Here”
Then “Portraits”

The link “Other Portraits” are the ones where the girls had silly smiles or that I just didn’t like as much. I am so excited about how they turned out!! The day we went to get them done the kids weren’t very cooperative and I left their frazzled and ready to strangle them, but looking at the pics you’d never know. So, for anyone in the South Bend area, Eileen is awesome and if she can get good shots of my kids on a crazy day, she gets two thumbs up from me! Before this it had been two years since I had any professional pics done b/c it is just way too stressful. I am so excited for Noah to get here now so I can take him in and have her work her magic again. Thanks for looking!


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  1. Those turned out so good! You look fantastic and both your girls are beautiful. I cannot believe Noah is going to be here so soon.

  2. Oh, C! I got all choked up! Those are GREAT! I love the one where Lainey is hugging your belly and Addi is making a face! LOL! They’re all so great – and you look beautiful!!

  3. Xtina, I love them! You look so beautiful!! And I love the pics of the girls, too. The ones on the green shag carpet are awesome! I’m glad they turned out so well, after a frazzled day. 🙂

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