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41 weeks


You get flash face today, because it’s much more pleasant than the actual expressions on my face right now. I’m 41 weeks 1 day today. The count down has started and if he’s not here by Tuesday I have to report to the hospital at 9:00 am for an induction. I’ve got a whole slew of emotions about having to do that and none of them are good. The only plus is that they will just break my water, not start pitocin so I shouldn’t have to be hooked up to all those damn monitors. Every time I think about having to be induced for the third time I start to cry and get upset so I’ve just stopped thinking about it and am trying to focus on the fact that he still has three more days to come on his own, but it’s not working so well.
Yesterday at my appointment I was 4 cm and she stripped my membranes. I had to do a non-stress test and Noah is fine, which I figured. The kid never stops moving. I also went for a second round of acupuncture. I had lots of contractions over the course of the day and night but once again I’m still pregnant today. I’m tired of these contractions. I’m tired of having them every.single.night. and waking up pregnant the next morning. I’m tired of losing my mucus plug only to have it regenerate itself so I can lose it again a few days later. I’m just tired of being tired and my good mood and positive attitude are fading fast. At my appointment Julia said she didn’t think I’d make it through the weekend, but I’m certainly not getting my hopes up because I’ve felt that way for the last 3 or four nights now. I don’t know why my body just won’t do what the hell it’s supposed to do and I hate that I now have a timetable for that to happen. I’m just sad and bummed right now which is making it hard to even be excited that he’ll be here by Tuesday.


Are you nesting?


Everytime someone asks me this I just laugh. It’s a never ending thing these days. Most of you who read know me well enough to know that I detest cleaning. Hate it. With a passion. I will wait until no one has underwear to do laundry and until we are down to plastic forks to do dishes. Here are the random things I can remember from the last couple months.
~I’ve reupholstered 3 of the 6 dining room chairs (the others have to wait for this carpal tunnel to go away!)
~I’ve scrubbed just about every floor on my hands and knees.
~Laundry. Yes, you heard that correctly. Christina has been doing laundry. I told Steve not to get too used to it, but right now I’ve got a very limited number of clothes that actually keep this belly under cover!
~Dishes. I know, I can hear you all gasping. This one even surprised me.
~I’ve washed the fronts of all my kitchen cabinets and appliances.
~Rearranged the furniture in most of the rooms. However, Steve really likes how I’ve done the family room and front room this time so I didn’t get in too much trouble.
~Painted and repainted Noah’s room.
~Weeded all my flower beds.
~Scrubbed the kids playhouse and pool.
~Last Monday I got 10 meals in my freezer for after Noah comes. With both the girls we ended up eating out a lot, and I just felt like crap after eating all that junk.
~Today I’m washing windows, dusting, cleaning the floors again, and doing laundry. Oh, and it’s too damn rainy to go to the store so I’m finally taking a stab at homemade cleaners. So far so good! I’ve made a floor cleaner and window cleaner. Let’s just hope my Flip It likes the floor cleaner as much as I do b/c it would suck if that thing broke!
~Oh, and I have to repack my hospital bags today. I’ve been using stuff out of the kids bag randomly since I stuck them in the car and my bag just needs so tweaking since I’ll be at the hospital instead of birth center.

Yeah, I suppose you could say I’m nesting.

Oh, and I’m bored again, but have been banned by Steve from rearranging furniture again so once the kids eat and are watching their movie I have a box of hair dye calling my name in the bathroom upstairs! Yeah! Furniture and Hair. Why couldn’t I have some other obsession?

Steve is convinced I’m having the baby today. He has said the 19th for weeks now, and since he’s a typical man he’s of course convinced there’s no way he will be wrong. He’s never wrong. *rolls eyes*

I’ve never been this pregnant before!


40 weeks! Had an appointment this morning. The nurse walked in the room, looked at my chart and said, “OH, it’s your day today!” I laughed and said, “Ha! I wish!” She said, “Well it’s your due date.” to which I responded, “Yeah, if only someone would have let the baby know that!” I’m 2cm dilated, 50% effaced, and he’s still way up at a -3 station. Beth asked if I had any signs that labor may be near. I told her I have no idea! LOL Having never actually gone into labor on my own I have no clue. I’ve been really nauseous and have lost two pounds this week. I feel like I’m back in the beginning stages of morning sickness. It’s the worst at night, so I’m keeping this short so I can head to bed. I just got the girls in bed and Steve is off seeing the new Batman movie so I can actually get to bed early tonight. Oh, yeah, that’s another thing that’s bothering me. I cannot sleep. It sucks. I wake up randomly each night and just can’t go back to sleep. Last night I was up from about 2:30-4:30. I keep having these very vivid dreams about labor and the baby and they keep me from sleeping. Did you know that Phoebe, from Friends, is a midwife and that Noah is going to come out the size of a 4 month old? Oh, and I’m also going to give birth in my sleep and wake up and find him laying in bed with me. If only. These are just a few random examples of the fun dreams I’ve had. Although, sometimes my waking up is due to the fact that I haven’t really eaten during the day and I have to have my standard bagel with butter and cinnamon sugar to get back to bed. 😛

Aside from that I’m actually feeling really good! I never thought I’d be saying that while on the verge of being overdue. I think it’s awfully cruel to give a woman a specific date. You should get a “due month” instead, because technically you aren’t “over due” until 42 weeks. I’m just trying to enjoy what little sleep I am getting because I know that number is going to dwindle very quickly once Noah’s here. They are much easier to take care of when they are in the belly, not out.

Oh, one more thing I wanted to write about (this is not nearly as short as I expected!)-Yesterday I was getting the girls settled in for a movie in the afternoon and the phone rang. It was my osteopathic doctor, Angela. She said that she had thought about me when she heard about the Birth Center and just wanted to call to see if I was ok and tell how great her experiences at Goshen Hospital had been. She told me a little about her first birth with the midwives and reassured me that they will still make sure I get the birth I want even at the hospital. I am seriously amazed at how much my doctors/midwives actually care about me. They don’t have to look at my chart to remember my name. They don’t tell me the same information over and over again b/c they can’t remember if they have told me already. They know my baby’s name and refer to him as Noah in conversation. They know how much my girls love helping out and so they help lift them up and down off chairs to be their assistants. They know my biggest fears about birth and are doing everything they can to make me not afraid. When I have appointments with them I truly feel like I am their only patient. I was seriously a big ball of emotions when I got off the phone with her. Never before have I had a medical professional take time out of their schedule to just call and chat to see how I’m feeling. I’ve just been speechless at how I am treated and told Steve that if we ever move I would love to move closer to the Goshen area b/c everyone I’ve ever dealt with had just been fantastic.
That’s all for tonight. I’m heading up before it gets dark enough for me to see this full moon that is supposedly going to put me into labor 🙂

Better late than never


I wasn’t in the blogging mood last week, so here is my 39 week picture, a week late 🙂 Tomorrow is my due date, and Noah is still hanging in there. I had contractions all day yesterday, but after a lovely pedicure

and ice cream with my friends they went away and I’m still here today! I’ll update after my appointment tomorrow morning.

p.s. I don’t think I’ll ever paint my own toenails again, even when I can reach them 😛 Thanks for my birthday present Tracy!

A little comparison


Just to show how differently I am carrying this time around, check this out. I’m about the same size, yet there’s a 5 week difference, and he’s way lower than Addi was.

I wish it would post it a little bigger, but it won’t.

So, I finally hit 38 weeks. I’m in the clear and can deliver at the Birth Center. Yeah! As of last Thursday I was 1-2 cm dilated, but he was still really high at -3 station and my cervix hadn’t really started thinning out at all. He’s definitely dropped down some since then though, so I’ll be curious to see where he’s at this Thursday. I’ve been sitting on my birthing ball a lot to encourage him down into the right position so hopefully that is helping. I’ve been having a lot of contractions the last two days, but nothing consistent or too painful. Hopefully he won’t wait too much longer! I’m so done being pregnant. My psd and carpal tunnel are getting unbearable. I spend most of the day trying to keep my hands from going numb.

So, here’s 38 weeks and then Addi had to have her belly taken too!

Happy (belated) 4th of July!


I hope everyone had a great holiday! We kept ours pretty low key, but still had fun! The week before the 4th we went to a big fireworks display one of the local TV stations holds every year. It’s at a park fairly close to our house and there’s lots of room for the kids to run and play so everyone has a great time.  The South Bend Symphony plays for a couple hours and then also during the fireworks, so Addi just like last year spent lots of time dancing with her friend Olivia.

Here are a few pics from the night:

Addi waiting for the music to start

The weather was touch and go for a little bit and we had to hide under a tarp for awhile, but the sun came back out and there was a huge rainbow across the park.

Addi dancing

Alaina waiting for the fireworks

Addi’s thoughts on the fireworks. Not even 5 minutes into the show she was passed out in front of Steve!

On the 4th of July we went to Tracy and Michaels house to hang out and then over to AnneMarie’s for fireworks. Once again, Addi was unimpressed.

It cracks me up b/c she keeps telling everyone she got to go see fireworks. Yeah, all of 5 minutes of them!