A little comparison


Just to show how differently I am carrying this time around, check this out. I’m about the same size, yet there’s a 5 week difference, and he’s way lower than Addi was.

I wish it would post it a little bigger, but it won’t.

So, I finally hit 38 weeks. I’m in the clear and can deliver at the Birth Center. Yeah! As of last Thursday I was 1-2 cm dilated, but he was still really high at -3 station and my cervix hadn’t really started thinning out at all. He’s definitely dropped down some since then though, so I’ll be curious to see where he’s at this Thursday. I’ve been sitting on my birthing ball a lot to encourage him down into the right position so hopefully that is helping. I’ve been having a lot of contractions the last two days, but nothing consistent or too painful. Hopefully he won’t wait too much longer! I’m so done being pregnant. My psd and carpal tunnel are getting unbearable. I spend most of the day trying to keep my hands from going numb.

So, here’s 38 weeks and then Addi had to have her belly taken too!


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