Better late than never


I wasn’t in the blogging mood last week, so here is my 39 week picture, a week late 🙂 Tomorrow is my due date, and Noah is still hanging in there. I had contractions all day yesterday, but after a lovely pedicure

and ice cream with my friends they went away and I’m still here today! I’ll update after my appointment tomorrow morning.

p.s. I don’t think I’ll ever paint my own toenails again, even when I can reach them 😛 Thanks for my birthday present Tracy!


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  1. You look wonderful Christina! Lovely piggies. 🙂 Was that your first pedicure ever? I can’t believe Noah is going to be here so soon, your pregnancy has just flown by! I hope everything goes seamlessly for you!

  2. Aaaah! A pedicure. It’s on my list of gifts for myself. 🙂

    You look great, but I can see in your face you are done. lol

    I sent the package today – hopefully it’ll arrive before Noah does (or maybe not.) 🙂

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