Are you nesting?


Everytime someone asks me this I just laugh. It’s a never ending thing these days. Most of you who read know me well enough to know that I detest cleaning. Hate it. With a passion. I will wait until no one has underwear to do laundry and until we are down to plastic forks to do dishes. Here are the random things I can remember from the last couple months.
~I’ve reupholstered 3 of the 6 dining room chairs (the others have to wait for this carpal tunnel to go away!)
~I’ve scrubbed just about every floor on my hands and knees.
~Laundry. Yes, you heard that correctly. Christina has been doing laundry. I told Steve not to get too used to it, but right now I’ve got a very limited number of clothes that actually keep this belly under cover!
~Dishes. I know, I can hear you all gasping. This one even surprised me.
~I’ve washed the fronts of all my kitchen cabinets and appliances.
~Rearranged the furniture in most of the rooms. However, Steve really likes how I’ve done the family room and front room this time so I didn’t get in too much trouble.
~Painted and repainted Noah’s room.
~Weeded all my flower beds.
~Scrubbed the kids playhouse and pool.
~Last Monday I got 10 meals in my freezer for after Noah comes. With both the girls we ended up eating out a lot, and I just felt like crap after eating all that junk.
~Today I’m washing windows, dusting, cleaning the floors again, and doing laundry. Oh, and it’s too damn rainy to go to the store so I’m finally taking a stab at homemade cleaners. So far so good! I’ve made a floor cleaner and window cleaner. Let’s just hope my Flip It likes the floor cleaner as much as I do b/c it would suck if that thing broke!
~Oh, and I have to repack my hospital bags today. I’ve been using stuff out of the kids bag randomly since I stuck them in the car and my bag just needs so tweaking since I’ll be at the hospital instead of birth center.

Yeah, I suppose you could say I’m nesting.

Oh, and I’m bored again, but have been banned by Steve from rearranging furniture again so once the kids eat and are watching their movie I have a box of hair dye calling my name in the bathroom upstairs! Yeah! Furniture and Hair. Why couldn’t I have some other obsession?

Steve is convinced I’m having the baby today. He has said the 19th for weeks now, and since he’s a typical man he’s of course convinced there’s no way he will be wrong. He’s never wrong. *rolls eyes*


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  1. LOL! Um, yeah, nesting! Wow! You are so funny! Post a picture of your new hair!! 🙂

    (and, I hope you don’t have Noah today, just so Steve won’t be right! lol 😉 )

  2. I would definitely say you are nesting. When I was pregnant with Ben, I did laundry like crazy and scrubbed every inch of my house. I organized our whole office. Poor Andrew didn’t know what to think!

  3. Ah, I love that feeling of a clean house. I WISH I was nesting. LOL. Come on, Noah! You better not’ve come out on the 19th!!!

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