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A Noah update and new pictures


I finally took Noah to Eileen for his first set of pictures the other day and I am so happy with how they turned out!
See Noah’s pictures at Traditions Photography!

My favorites are in the folder labeled “Portraits” and the rest of them are in the other folders. In the collections folder there is one that she calls “Fingers and Toes” It’s close ups of all his tiny little parts. I’m planning on getting one of those!

Noah’s doing great! He’s going to be 2 months on Monday. He’s smiling, cooing, giving little laughs here and there. He rarely cries, and only if he’s hungry. He had his two month check up on Wednesday. I was shocked at how big he is! He’s gained 4lbs 4 oz and 3 inches in 6 weeks! He now weighs 13 lbs 14 oz and is 24 inches long. He’s in the 88% for height and 85% for weight.

At his appointment he got his first round of shots. When Alaina and Addi were babies as long as they had Tylenol they were fine. Maybe a little fussier than normal, but nothing too bad. Noah, holy cow. That boy is a monster after shots! He cried for a good 6 hours and no amount of pain medicine was going to make him stop LOL He was miserable and had the most pathetic little look on his face. If I ever figure out how to get pictures off my phone I will post the one I took of him. It just broke my heart. I heard him cry more Wednesday than I have his entire life so far.

We also are fairly certain he has a dairy allergy/intolerance. From the time he was born I noticed that he would get very fussy if I drank milk so when he was about 2 weeks old I stopped drinking it. For the last 4 weeks or so he’s had this weird rash all over his head and torso. At first I thought it was baby acne, but it got so bad that I started thinking maybe he was allergic to our detergent. I went out and bought Free and Clear detergent and dumped his drawers full of clothes into the washer and rewashed everything. Didn’t help. Still had a horrible rash (you can see it in his pictures up there) all over. Finally after talking with some friends I thought maybe it was an allergy to something I had been eating and since I already knew he was sensitive to milk I decided to try cutting out cheese, yogurt, chocolate, and butter. I stopped eating it on Sunday and by Wednesday morning the rash was fading. I talked with our doctor about it that morning and he seemed to agree that it was probably the dairy. That it may not be an allergy but that his little tummy just can’t take it yet. So, for the next 10+ months don’t come near me with pizza, chocolate chip cookies, or any other yummy treats made from cows. I’m so bummed and about to lose it. I didn’t think it would be THIS hard especially since there are other things that upset him as well. I can’t drink caffeine or eat anything green. I never thought these words would come out of my mouth, but I MISS SALAD! LOL I stopped and got the kids pizza for dinner last night b/c it was cheap, quick, and easy. I had to leave the room while they ate! I can’t decide which is harder so far no caffeine or no dairy. I’m fairly addicted to both. It’s making it much easier to lose weight though!

Here are some random pictures from the last couple of weeks. I haven’t shared many pics b/c I’ve been so busy with school stuff for the girls (that’s a whole ‘nother post).

Napping with Morgan.

Snuggling with Daddy

The Duck Returns. One Month.

He loves this blanket. No matter how many times I pull it up he yanks it back down to snuggle under the frog face.

Noah’s first tailgate. He made Mommy lose at Beer Pong. Way too much weight on the front to get a good shot! 😛

First smile I could catch with the camera

That’s all folks!


Over Achiever


Addison doesn’t like reading kids books. I mean, she’ll “read” them if that’s all that’s available to her at the moment, but she prefers to pick up my books and flip through them. A few of the books on her reading list lately are:

The Birth Book, Dr. Sears
Naturally Clean, A Guide to Safe and Healthy Cleaning
Breastfeeding, A Parents Guide

She just walked up to my desk and here’s the conversation we had:

Addi: Mommy, where’s the phone book?
Me: I’m not sure Ad, probably in the drawer under the microwave where it always is.
*goes to look*
A: Nope, it’s not there. Where is it?
M: Addi, I don’t know.
A: Find it Mommy!
M: Why do you need the phone book?
A: Because I want to read it.
M: The phone book??
A: Yes!
M: Ok, well in a little while I will call Daddy and see if he knows where it is.
A: Ok. *stands right next to me and won’t go away*
About 3 minutes later, I say, “Addi go play”
A: No mommy, call daddy! I need the phone book.

Thankfully Daddy saved the day and knew right where it was. In Noah’s bassinet in our room of all places. I went upstairs and got it for her. She got a huge smile on her face and said, “Oh, thank you SO much Mommy!!” She’s been sitting on the couch “reading” it for 20 minutes. She’s currently reading the “W’s”