Over Achiever


Addison doesn’t like reading kids books. I mean, she’ll “read” them if that’s all that’s available to her at the moment, but she prefers to pick up my books and flip through them. A few of the books on her reading list lately are:

The Birth Book, Dr. Sears
Naturally Clean, A Guide to Safe and Healthy Cleaning
Breastfeeding, A Parents Guide

She just walked up to my desk and here’s the conversation we had:

Addi: Mommy, where’s the phone book?
Me: I’m not sure Ad, probably in the drawer under the microwave where it always is.
*goes to look*
A: Nope, it’s not there. Where is it?
M: Addi, I don’t know.
A: Find it Mommy!
M: Why do you need the phone book?
A: Because I want to read it.
M: The phone book??
A: Yes!
M: Ok, well in a little while I will call Daddy and see if he knows where it is.
A: Ok. *stands right next to me and won’t go away*
About 3 minutes later, I say, “Addi go play”
A: No mommy, call daddy! I need the phone book.

Thankfully Daddy saved the day and knew right where it was. In Noah’s bassinet in our room of all places. I went upstairs and got it for her. She got a huge smile on her face and said, “Oh, thank you SO much Mommy!!” She’s been sitting on the couch “reading” it for 20 minutes. She’s currently reading the “W’s”


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  1. Ahh, the phonebook. Good, old-fashioned reading material, there. 🙂 You better update us when she starts asking for the 27 volume World Book Encyclopedia. 😀

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