Monthly Archives: October 2008

New Alaina pics


Posing with her pumpkins

Cheesing it up with her new Aurora wand.

Test driving the Halloween Costume

A beautiful butterfly

Putting the finishing touches on Miss Scarecrow (who scares the bejeezus out of me every time I look out my front window.)

Lovin’ on her little bro. He’s completely addicting, even to a sassy 5 year old.

A fun first! Her first school field trip. We rode a school bus to the pumpkin patch which she thought was the greatest thing in the world. I had horrible elementary school flashbacks. We picked pumpkins, fed horses, tasted yummy raspberries and apples, and got to feel how warm an egg is RIGHT after a chicken laid it.

Decorating the yard with ghosties. She was mad because she didn’t get to hang all the “silly face” ones. If only that were my biggest complaint in life…

Both the girls hangin’ with Miss Scarecrow. Do you see why it freaks me out?

That’s what she’s been up to this fall! She’s doing awesome in school and loving every minute of it! She begs me to let her stay all day. I told her she doesn’t have enough money in her piggy bank for that to happen yet 🙂 Maybe next year!

Addi and Noah updates coming soon!


And so it begins


Alaina came home from school last Thursday with a wad of paper shoved in her take home folder. I took it out and she promptly snatched it from my hands. When I asked her what it was she said, “It’s Elliot’s phone number.” My five year old came home from school with a boy’s phone number. Oy.

I’ve sold my soul to the devil


aka: Steve. Long story short. Last week I broke my camera at the Pumpkin Patch. After listening to me whine Steve agreed to let me get a cheap new one just so I didn’t miss any milestones with Noah. It seems I always have my camera attached to my hand, especially when my kids are babies. After agreeing to take better care of it than I do my children (I kid, I kid!) and be Steve’s slave for the next six months or so I walked out of Sears with the camera I’ve been drooling over since last Christmas. I was researching cameras to get my mom for a gift and fell in love with the Canon S5 IS. My new baby:

One of my new favorite pictures of my actual baby. Is he not the cutest?

Be prepared for way more picture posts now 🙂

You know they watch too much TV when…


I kept Alaina home from school today b/c she’s got a nasty cough. We are going to the pumpkin patch with her class tomorrow so I wanted to give her a day to try and rest and recoop a little. And, I thought the other moms would appreciate it if my kid wasn’t hacking all over their kids for 3 hours.

We dropped Addi off at her school. I took a different way home because there is construction going on in front of Notre Dame at the moment and I didn’t feel like sitting in traffic. We were driving and passed a cemetary. Alaina pipes up from the backseat:

Alaina: Hey Mom, What’s that?

Me: Well, that’s a place for people who die. See all of those big rocks? Those have names on them.

A: You mean when people die they get buried there under those rocks and then people come to see them and bring them presents?

M: Uh, yeah, sure Lain. How did you know all that?

A: Oh, I learned it on Spongebob.

She is also learning Spanish from Dora, Chinese from Kai Lan, and teamwork from the Wonder Pets. Oh, and we can’t forget the wonderful “How to be a bossy big sister” lessons from Ruby.  Who needs school when you have Nick Jr.?

Third time’s a charm


I have thrush. Again. For the third time in 9 weeks. We’ve been using Gentian Violet and it took care of the problem the first two times, but I’m a little tired of having purple stained fingers and a child that looks like he’s losing oxygen b/c his lips have a constant purple hue to them. This time no such luck. I had my doctor call in some Diflucan for me and I’m crossing my fingers that by tomorrow the burning will disappear.

Noah doesn’t seem affected at all by the thrush. He’s his normal happy go lucky self, which could have something to do with the fact that he SLEPT THROUGH THE NIGHT THE LAST TWO NIGHTS! Woot!