You know they watch too much TV when…


I kept Alaina home from school today b/c she’s got a nasty cough. We are going to the pumpkin patch with her class tomorrow so I wanted to give her a day to try and rest and recoop a little. And, I thought the other moms would appreciate it if my kid wasn’t hacking all over their kids for 3 hours.

We dropped Addi off at her school. I took a different way home because there is construction going on in front of Notre Dame at the moment and I didn’t feel like sitting in traffic. We were driving and passed a cemetary. Alaina pipes up from the backseat:

Alaina: Hey Mom, What’s that?

Me: Well, that’s a place for people who die. See all of those big rocks? Those have names on them.

A: You mean when people die they get buried there under those rocks and then people come to see them and bring them presents?

M: Uh, yeah, sure Lain. How did you know all that?

A: Oh, I learned it on Spongebob.

She is also learning Spanish from Dora, Chinese from Kai Lan, and teamwork from the Wonder Pets. Oh, and we can’t forget the wonderful “How to be a bossy big sister” lessons from Ruby.  Who needs school when you have Nick Jr.?


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