New Alaina pics


Posing with her pumpkins

Cheesing it up with her new Aurora wand.

Test driving the Halloween Costume

A beautiful butterfly

Putting the finishing touches on Miss Scarecrow (who scares the bejeezus out of me every time I look out my front window.)

Lovin’ on her little bro. He’s completely addicting, even to a sassy 5 year old.

A fun first! Her first school field trip. We rode a school bus to the pumpkin patch which she thought was the greatest thing in the world. I had horrible elementary school flashbacks. We picked pumpkins, fed horses, tasted yummy raspberries and apples, and got to feel how warm an egg is RIGHT after a chicken laid it.

Decorating the yard with ghosties. She was mad because she didn’t get to hang all the “silly face” ones. If only that were my biggest complaint in life…

Both the girls hangin’ with Miss Scarecrow. Do you see why it freaks me out?

That’s what she’s been up to this fall! She’s doing awesome in school and loving every minute of it! She begs me to let her stay all day. I told her she doesn’t have enough money in her piggy bank for that to happen yet 🙂 Maybe next year!

Addi and Noah updates coming soon!


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  1. Awesome idea to do ‘spotlights’ on each kid! It’s crazy how our babies are now 5-YO people!!! I love the one of her face painted and with Noah. You can tell she’s an amazing big sis! She cracks me up with the scarecrow LOL!

    OMG the scarecrow thing reminds me of when I had a huge bag of packing peanuts in my office, back in the day that I had my candle biz. That thing always got caught in my peripheral and scared the crap out of me! So I drew a face & clothing on it with a sharpie, put a hat on it & named it Lyle. 😉 I still have a pic of him somewhere.

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