Monthly Archives: November 2008

Blue Crayon


Everyone’s home sick from school. A couple wonderful parents sent their kids to Addi’s school last week despite them having 100 degree temperatures, so I knew it’d be a matter of time before whatever illness it was made it’s way to our house. I brought Addi downstairs this morning to take her temp (101.6 still) and make Alaina some breakfast. Alaina stayed upstairs in bed snuggling with Noah. When I got finished with Addi I went up to tell Alaina her breakfast was ready and to carry Noah downstairs. When we got down here I put him in his bouncy seat so I could make coffee and noticed a bright blue line across the middle of his forehead. I turned and asked Alaina why her brother had blue crayon on his face:

“I writed a blue line there so we will know he’s our baby.”