Monthly Archives: December 2008

A good husband post


I find that the majority of the time I blog about Steve I’m usually venting or complaining about some random “man thing” he’s done, when in all actuallity he’s the best husband a girl could want. He’s great at doing little things to show me how much he loves me.

In the winter my hands get really chapped and red, especially if I’m doing dishes alot or not wearing gloves. Then they burn and itch and I can’t get them wet until they heal. Saturday we spent all of the late afternoon putting our Christmas lights up outside. It wasn’t terribly cold, but I couldn’t wear my gloves b/c they kept getting stuck on the lights. By the time we came in my hands were a mess. That night every lotion I put on them burned so I finally washed them and put on a layer of Lansinoh. By Sunday morning they were a little better, but still really hurting. I needed to take a bath and wash my hair, but I knew there was no way I could put my hands in water that long.  Steve came in and washed AND conditioned my hair for me so I didn’t have to get my hands wet. It was like my own little hair salon at home.  I told him I’m never washing my own hair again. He’s got himself a job for life.


Didn’t think this one through.


If your kids are anything like mine they NEED everything they see on commercials. For the longest time I was able to get away with only turning on Noggin and The Disney Channel so I didn’t have to worry about them even seeing commercials. That all changed though when they discovered Scooby Doo and Spongebob.  Their Christmas lists are full of random things they’ve seen on commercials and most of the things I’ve just ignored, however when something makes it to the top of the “Santa” list. I have to take notice and actually contemplate whether or not Santa is going to bring it.

I have a dilema.

They’ve been watching an old VHS tape of Blue’s Clues episodes that my Aunt taped some 10 years ago. They love Blue’s Clues and this way they can watch it in their room which frees up the TV in the family room. I thought it was a great idea! However, on this tape are commercials. Do you see where this is headed?? Alaina has now added Bead Blast Barbie to her “Santa” list.  So, does Santa go on Ebay and pay $20 for a 10 year old Barbie Doll?