Monthly Archives: February 2009

My daughter the comedian


On Valentine’s Day I was standing in the kitchen dressed up and ready to go to dinner with our wonderful friends Eileen and Michael. We were heading to a restuarant downtown that is known for their amazing martinis (that were quite lacking on V-Day).  Steve came downstairs dressed up as well and Alaina asked me where I was going.

Me: I’m going on a date.

Alaina: With who??

M: With Daddy

A: Eeeewe, you can’t do that Mom, you guys are MARRIED.

Then she proceeded to rant for 10 minutes that she never wants to get married or date.  I told her her father would appreciate that.


How can I say no?


The girls and I have been working on cleaning their room this afternoon. It’s trashed. There are still Christmas toys that have no home. I came out to take a little break and check my email. When I went back into their room they were both sitting on Alaina’s bed playing with Noah. They’ve got him all covered up with a blanket and laying on Alaina’s pillow. I told them both to get back to work cleaning. Alaina’s response?

“Mom, Noah isn’t happy right now and he needs some love. We’re making him laugh.”

My response? Fine. Cleaning can wait a little while. How could I say no to that?

I knew it had been awhile, but…


2 MONTHS?? I haven’t blogged in 2 months? Seriously? Wow.  A lot has happened since December 2nd.

There’s the whole Christmas whirlwind. I might share some pics if I get brave enough to relive the madness of the day by searching through the folder for one or two that aren’t burry from the kids not sitting still for more than half a second.  The kids got entirely too much new crap and I still haven’t found some place to store most of it.

Addison turned 4 on December 30th and decided two days before her birthday that she wanted friends over for dinner ON her birthday. Usually I throw a party for her in mid January so we have more than 5 days to recover from Christmas.  I threw together a cake which looked positively hideous compared to most of the others I’ve done and then Bella ate 1/3 of it while Steve was “watching” the kids so I could run to the store. Apparently he can only watch the kids, not the dog too.

New Years Eve we went to the Second Annual Littell Family Party. The kids ran around the basement going bonkers while the grown ups played with James’ breathalyzer (he is a SB cop) and drank yummy drinks made by our own personal bartender, Michael LOL. Tracy is one lucky girl to have married a man that can mix up the best drinks in town.

The main reason I haven’t been around for a couple months is poor little Noey has been so sick. That kid just can’t catch a break. It all started about a week before Christmas with a cold. It turned into an ear infection. After antibiotics it still hadn’t cleared up all the way.  Long story short, he was exposed to dairy twice which threw him into 2 more ear infections. This last time the ear infection was accompanied by an upper and lower respiratory infection and possible bronchitis. He still has a cough, but he’s back to sleeping through the night and being my smiley happy baby.

More on the Noah front: He had his 6 month check up last week inbetween a couple sick visits (we’ve been to the dr. about 12 times in 2 months.) He was 21lbs and 29 inches. 98% for height, 94% for weight. He started sitting up around 5.5 months just like his big sister Lainey. I was wondering if he’d be more like Alaina or Addi, who didn’t sit up until she was 8 months! In the last couple days he’s been rolling all over the family room and getting into trouble. The girls are in for a rude awakening now.

He’s loving eating real food, and his favorites are pasta, chicken, bananas, and pears. Although, he will pretty much eat anything that is on a spoon on it’s way to his mouth. Except avocado, not a big fan which I can’t say I blame him, Yuck!

He’s been a little booger about nursing, and I’ve been exclusively pumping for about a month now. I’m finally getting him back to nursing a little which is a relief b/c as awesome as my (well, Amy’s) pump is I’m tired of being tied to it 4 times a day. I’d rather be tied to my baby.