Monthly Archives: March 2009

The joys of adding a little brother


Yesterday we met some friends at Burger King for lunch. It’s our Friday “thing.” Addison was sitting at the table with me coloring on some scrap paper while my friends and I dished about how to organize our coupons and how to get good deals at CVS. Addi tapped me on the shoulder and said, “Mom, would you please draw a penis on this person for me please? I don’t know how to draw a penis.”  I told her to ask her Daddy when we got home because he would be WAY better at drawing penises than Mommy.

After Steve and I had a good laugh about it last night we decided to teach her how to draw clothes on her stick people.


Jumping in feet first


I spend entirely too much money on groceries.  I’m a compulsive shopper. If I see it and think it’s a good deal or if it just looks yummy, I buy it. I used to be a great shopper. I would spend $60 a week on groceries and have plenty of money left over to do fun things with the kids for the week. Lately though I’m dipping into Steve’s money more to do the things with the kids b/c I have no self control when I step into a grocery store!

A couple weeks ago one of the members of my Mothers and More group did a meeting topic on “shopping for free” I had been looking forward to this meeting for weeks. I’ve always been intrigued by people who can walk into CVS and walk out with more money than they went in with. I just didn’t GET it. Unfortunately, due to a completely horrid free pancake day at IHOP and a husband tied to work I wasn’t able to make my meeting. I did get my hands on a flier though and started out by typing on the first link I found on the paper, Money Saving Mom.  Never did I think I could be this excited about grocery shopping! I started printing coupons and thanks to Money Saving Mom I stumbled upon A Full Cup, where I learned to get some smokin’ deals at Target. I never in a million years thought I could walk into a Target and walk out spending less than $50. It’s NEVER happened before. This week I went into Target and spent $28.33 on $51.13 worth of groceries.

I’ll be back later to post what I got and the prices. It feels so good knowing how much I’m helping my family right now by making our money stretch a little further. So, thanks to all you fellow moms out there who put so much time and effort into posting deals, coupons, and tutorials on how to get started. I’ve been studying up and hope I’m half as good at the shopping gig someday!