Monthly Archives: July 2009

Thumbs up, thumbs down.


For our first family vacation we took a little road trip down to North Carolina to visit my aunt and cousin and for Steve’s sister’s wedding.  A little recap…

Thumbs up:

  • Coming home with 2lbs of chocolate covered gummy bears
  • Swapping plants with my aunt, that I’m sure to kill
  • Noah learning how to clap, and now doing it everytime we say, “Yeah!”
  • Noah blowing raspberries at me for the first time while trying to get a tsp of Motrin in his mouth.
  • Lainey kissing a giraffe for her birthday
  • Spending time with family we haven’t seen in over a year
  • Noah playing peek a boo with his blanket on the way home.(the ONE cute moment of the entire car ride for him)
  • Coming home with suitcases full of CLEAN laundry.
  • Having time to read and entire Sookie Stackhouse book on the car ride home.
  • Watching the girls dance at the reception. Addison suckered some woman into being her dance partner all.night.long.

Thumbs down:

  • Noah having an ear infection for the whole trip.
  • Paying $20 for a crappy pedicure that lasted 4 hours. Apparently they’ve never heard of using a top coat.
  • Forgetting to bring Noah’s highchair
  • Untangling a huge bunch of balloons when you realize you only have an hour and 15 minutes until the wedding you are attending starts.
  • Finding every piece of food I thought Noah ate either under his bum or smooshed into the van floor.
  • An odd rash Noah got on his legs after a day of sprinkler fun.
  • North Carolina BBQ.  Bleck.