Little Rebel



My pre-k kid spent computer class sitting in the office. That’s right, at the ripe old age of 4 Addison has already experienced her first trip to the office.

When I went to pick her up yesterday her teacher pulled me off to the side and told me she had a small problem with Addi. I assumed Addison had either peed her pants or had a major meltdown because something hadn’t gone her way. These are everyday occurrences in our house with Addison. She’s a pretty sensitive kid and tends to over react to things easily. But, she’s also a kid who is set in her ways and doesn’t let anyone push her around, which is what got her in trouble this time.

The “special” class of the day yesterday was Computers. She has made it perfectly clear on more than one occasion that she does not like this class, going so far as to tell me, in a very matter-of-fact voice, yesterday morning, “I’m NOT going to computer class today.” I should have sensed trouble right then.  They got into the classroom and Addison refused to sit at a computer, telling the computer teacher that she didn’t want to play on the computer. After much prodding the computer teacher finally gave her a choice, which I assume is what Addison was waiting for. See, last year she was in a Montessori setting. She THRIVED there, and I am starting to regret switching her to Holy Cross. But, that’s another story in itself.

Her choice? Either sit at the computer and play Kid Pix or sit in the office for the duration of computer class. Addison’s response? “I’d like to sit in the office.” She is so not MY kid.What kid doesn’t like Kid Pix? Addison, that’s who. She would rather sit with real markers, crayons, stamps, pencils, etc and create art. She’s a very hands on kid and I can respect her preference, but I’m trying to balance that with also teaching her that she needs to respect her teachers and at least try some new things at her new school.

I asked her why she chose to sit in the office and her rambling went something like this, ” All they wanted me to do was sit there and use colors and stamps and put trees on the screen.  And I only want to play games on the computer at home. And I only want YOU to learn me how to use the computer. And, in the office I can just sit there and relax.”

It took everything I had not to crack up. I walked back over and informed her teacher that she actually enjoyed her trip to the office. She chuckled a little and said, “Well, I guess we won’t be doing that again.” Great. Can’t wait to see what her next “punishment” will be.


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  1. Ahahaha! What an adorable little shit! ❤ The sassy ones make up for the hard work they are with how funny & entertaining they are. I love it!

  2. I probably should not laugh as I can totally see Kaia doing something similar but I couldnt help but laugh at this. She is quite a kid!! At least she knows what she wants lol

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