Noah and Dragon


It’s been awhile! As you can tell from the name of the blog we’ve moved well past three! We are looking forward to welcoming baby #5 this Spring. My official due date is March 31st, but aside from banning her from being born on Match 30th we know she’s on her schedule not ours. Secretly I’m hoping for a St. Patrick’s Day baby. That was my grandpa’s birthday and I can’t think of a more special day for her to be born. Not to mention, how fun of a 21st birthday would THAT be? Besides, it’s no secret that this pregnancy has been much more difficult on me than any of the previous ones so her coming a couple weeks early would be very welcome. My body is done. How Michelle Duggar has had 19 children and can still walk is beyond me.

While all of the kids are excited to meet this little lady, Noah seems to have a very strong bond with her already. If he’s near me he has to be touching her. He stands in front of my belly talking to her and making faces at her as if she can actually see what he’s doing. He will tell me, “this is the face I make when I want her to laugh” It’s like he has this insight into her that the rest of us don’t have.
Anyone who knows Noah knows that we jokingly refer to him as Rain Man. He has this crazy ability to remember things, and sometimes the things he says sort of freak us out. So, about two months ago he says to me, “Mom, the baby’s name is Dragon.” I just laughed while he stared at me, considering the first name he gave her was Donut. He hasn’t let it drop. He calls her Dragon anytime he talks to her. Then started tacking on Water and calling her Water Dragon. Again, we just laughed it off as Noah being silly. One day I was looking at the Pregnancy app on my phone and it mentioned the Chinese New Year and that this was the Year of the Dragon. In particular, the year of the Water Dragon. It piqued my curiosity and I started researching all my kids “animals” It is CRAZY how accurate it is for my kids’ personalities! I must say I’m a little nervous to add a Dragon to our already busy family! Lol I’m convinced this was Noah’s way of preparing me for this new little one. To give me some of his insight into her. In the Chinese Zodiac Noah is a Rat and one of the animals they are most compatible with is the Dragon. I’m sure most people think I’m seems a little nuts, but it seems a little too coincidental to me!


I can’t wait to see how he interacts with her after she is born and while I would never name my child Dragon I’m pretty sure it’s a nick name that will stick around for awhile! Speaking of names, I’m up for suggestions because she may never have one!


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