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D-day, dairy not delivery.


It’s no secret that my family is a pain in the butt to feed. All of us have dairy sensitivities and some of us can’t (or shouldn’t) be eating gluten. Neither of these foods is really good for ANYONE’S bodies, but thats a whole blog post in itself! For my family dairy affects all of us differently. Alaina has behavioral issues. Noah gets ear infections. Maggie has major flare ups of her eczema. Addi is just like her Mommy and gets horrible sinus infections and congestion. I’m fairly strict with Maggie bc her symptoms are the worst, but I tend to be a little more lenient with the older three. I let them have pizza with their friends or ice cream at a party if it’s not a regular occurrence.
I, however, do not have the same discipline for myself. I just got done with a second antibiotic for a massive sinus infection. I’ve been dealing with this since I was a kid so it’s fairly normal for me to feel like my head is going to explode 355 days a year. Now that I know what causes it you would think I’d avoid putting myself through that pain, but no. I like cheese. A lot. And chocolate. Yes, there are dairy free substitutes, but blech!

The only time I am serious about keeping myself dairy free is when I am nursing. I know chances are my babies will not be able to tolerate it, which means lots of sleepless nights and cranky days for everyone. Dairy can take two weeks to leave your system completely, and with the ever so slight chance my body goes into labor at 38 weeks (go ahead, laugh, I did while typing that) 36 weeks is my cut off. It’s the day I dread most every pregnancy. I mentally prepare myself for weeks. That day was yesterday, and bc the universe hates me my best friend from the age of 11 made her husband four cheesecakes for his 30th birthday party last night. Pretty sure that’s the first time I ever turned down cheesecake. I did drool the whole way home though. And I might have eaten a giant handful of Ghiradelli chocolate chips. Thank God for Ghiradelli.