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The joys of adding a little brother


Yesterday we met some friends at Burger King for lunch. It’s our Friday “thing.” Addison was sitting at the table with me coloring on some scrap paper while my friends and I dished about how to organize our coupons and how to get good deals at CVS. Addi tapped me on the shoulder and said, “Mom, would you please draw a penis on this person for me please? I don’t know how to draw a penis.”  I told her to ask her Daddy when we got home because he would be WAY better at drawing penises than Mommy.

After Steve and I had a good laugh about it last night we decided to teach her how to draw clothes on her stick people.


My daughter the comedian


On Valentine’s Day I was standing in the kitchen dressed up and ready to go to dinner with our wonderful friends Eileen and Michael. We were heading to a restuarant downtown that is known for their amazing martinis (that were quite lacking on V-Day).  Steve came downstairs dressed up as well and Alaina asked me where I was going.

Me: I’m going on a date.

Alaina: With who??

M: With Daddy

A: Eeeewe, you can’t do that Mom, you guys are MARRIED.

Then she proceeded to rant for 10 minutes that she never wants to get married or date.  I told her her father would appreciate that.

Blue Crayon


Everyone’s home sick from school. A couple wonderful parents sent their kids to Addi’s school last week despite them having 100 degree temperatures, so I knew it’d be a matter of time before whatever illness it was made it’s way to our house. I brought Addi downstairs this morning to take her temp (101.6 still) and make Alaina some breakfast. Alaina stayed upstairs in bed snuggling with Noah. When I got finished with Addi I went up to tell Alaina her breakfast was ready and to carry Noah downstairs. When we got down here I put him in his bouncy seat so I could make coffee and noticed a bright blue line across the middle of his forehead. I turned and asked Alaina why her brother had blue crayon on his face:

“I writed a blue line there so we will know he’s our baby.”


And so it begins


Alaina came home from school last Thursday with a wad of paper shoved in her take home folder. I took it out and she promptly snatched it from my hands. When I asked her what it was she said, “It’s Elliot’s phone number.” My five year old came home from school with a boy’s phone number. Oy.

You know they watch too much TV when…


I kept Alaina home from school today b/c she’s got a nasty cough. We are going to the pumpkin patch with her class tomorrow so I wanted to give her a day to try and rest and recoop a little. And, I thought the other moms would appreciate it if my kid wasn’t hacking all over their kids for 3 hours.

We dropped Addi off at her school. I took a different way home because there is construction going on in front of Notre Dame at the moment and I didn’t feel like sitting in traffic. We were driving and passed a cemetary. Alaina pipes up from the backseat:

Alaina: Hey Mom, What’s that?

Me: Well, that’s a place for people who die. See all of those big rocks? Those have names on them.

A: You mean when people die they get buried there under those rocks and then people come to see them and bring them presents?

M: Uh, yeah, sure Lain. How did you know all that?

A: Oh, I learned it on Spongebob.

She is also learning Spanish from Dora, Chinese from Kai Lan, and teamwork from the Wonder Pets. Oh, and we can’t forget the wonderful “How to be a bossy big sister” lessons from Ruby.  Who needs school when you have Nick Jr.?

First night at the Birth Center


Tonight we had our introduction to the Birth Center. The place is AWESOME! It’s a very soothing atmosphere. It is basically like a three bedroom home. When you come in in labor you get to pick which room is yours. There’s even a bread machine in the kitchen. I was cracking up and wondering if anyone really bakes bread while they are in labor!
After we picked the kids up from Alyssa and Jason’s house I was talking to the girls about a decision Steve and I had made. For a couple months now I’ve been thinking it would be really great to have the girls there when Noah is born. Especially now that I will be at the Birth Center they can be as involved in the process as we want them to be. The midwife even said they are ok with the kids helping “catch” the baby like the dads do sometimes. A couple came to speak about their experience there and mentioned that they had all of their children there for the birth. I was so excited when they said that b/c I’ve been wanting to talk to someone that had done that. Their children were 5, 4, and 2 and they said each of them did awesome and have very positive memories. The mom did a lot of her laboring out in the living room area with them and then when she finally needed to go back to her room the kids stayed out with their grandma. They brought the kids in just for the very end to see him be born. I think I will only have them in there if all goes according to plan and we have the water birth. I figure that way the blood and mess is a little more masked. The conversation went a little something like this:

Me: Hey girls, daddy and I were talking and thought maybe you’d like to be there when your little brother is born.
Alaina: Ok, I’ll be there.
Addi: No thank you. I’ll just stay home and watch Little People.

Now, both of their reactions cracked me up because I totally knew that is what their opinions would be and it was one of those moments where you really had to be there to appreciate the tone with which they responded. I figured that would be how they responded but it was just too funny the way they said it. Alaina was very matter of fact about it, almost as if she had thought about forever and was just waiting for the invite. It was like she was RSVPing to a party. And Addi made it very clear that TV was a much higher priority than witnessing her brother come into the world.

A few other cool things about tonight. Since they got the certification for water birth in February only 2 of the births at the center have been out of the water. The couple that came and spoke tonight also did a water birth and what I thought was so cool was that aside from unwrapping the cord from the baby’s neck the dad completely did the delivery while in the tub with the mom. The midwife helped him and guided him on what to do. The mom said she had to go back and watch the video b/c she couldn’t even remember if the midwife touched her at all during the delivery.
The midwife who spoke tonight, Beth, also said that if I wanted she would throw together a sibling class really quick so I could prepare the girls and they could see where they would be. This is why I love midwives. She’s willing to do this because ONE person is interested in it.

I left the Birth Center so excited and looking forward to getting the birth experience I want this time.

Overheard in the tub


Yesterday afternoon I was trying to get some painting done in Noah’s room and of course my little artists wanted to help. After watching them get paint all over the dresser, their jammies, and their hair I asked if they wanted to go “paint” in the bathtub with water and brushes. Both of them were very excited about this idea. I got them all settled in and walked back into Noah’s room across the hall to finish up the border on his walls. I love listening to them when they are in the tub b/c most of the time I think they think I can’t hear what they are saying. This was what I heard yesterday:

Addison: *ssluuuuuuuuurrrrrp* (taking a large drink of water)
Alaina: ADDI! Don’t drink the water! I peed!
Addi: Oh. Ok, Lain.

Niiiiiice. This is why I’ve stopped bathing with them.